Sunday, May 22, 2011



Families our one of the greatest blessing our Father in Heaven has given to us and they are such a privilege. God knew that we had to be tempted on earth to prove ourselves to Him but He wan't going to leave us alone-which is why we have families. We are meant to build and support one another and to feed off each other. Growing up, my brothers and I always fought, but there are also memories that will never be forgotten. The past years my brothers and I have become really close and same with my parents. I feel such a deep love for them and would give everything I have to make them happy. I have learned so much from the example my parents have taught me not only in life, but in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I grew up knowing who they were because my parents loved me so much that they taught me what was most important and I am eternally grateful. Now my brothers. We have all become so close that I trust them each more then anyone else I know. There is a certain bond shared between us and I promise any family can create this bond because we were a pretty hectic family. Our lives' were going this way and that and there were always hardships, but it has made us more closer to each other and what we have now can never be taken away. I am so blessed to have such a great family. They really are everything to me.
And I can promise that God intends for all families to be like this. Yes struggles and hardships for each family vary but I can guarantee that they our for our good and will strengthen us in the end. I understand that people don't have the chance to grow up with what they consider "the best" family, but I promise that God will bless you for your endurance and faith. After all, we are the family of our God and he will Always love us and always wants whats best. As we strive to always increase our love and charity towards family and others, let us build our love in our eternal Father. He is there for us always and will never turn His back. Families really are everything and will help us understand our role in this life and the life to come.

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